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Decoration Services: Interior & Exterior Colours (VIC)

Some people call it mood, but colour is much more than mood and trends.  It's about quality of life, which is also affected by the experience of picking colours for your home or workplace.

Have you ever wondered what your house or building will look like, even before it's painted?

We'll help you create the best possible look and feel for your home, from the outside in. Choosing paint colours is about much more than surface decoration.

What's important?

Beyond just selecting paint, colour addresses our basic human needs.

Your home is your unique environment.

Interior decoration: Curtains & Blinds (VIC)

We have a wide range of interior window coverings, allowing us to cater to every customer and every budget.

Whatever the décor, be it traditional or contemporary, DISTINCTION INTERIOR designs and custom makes window furnishings to cater to your personal taste and lifestyle!

Blinds, shutters and fabrics provide a wide range of window coverings for all new homes, renovations and commercial properties.

Home and Office Interior and Exterior Decoration Services: Styling (VIC)

I'm a personal stylist from Melbourne who is passionate about helping all people with varying budgets and lifestyles.

Whether you're looking for a subtle change or a dramatic makeover, our interior design company can turn your ideas and concepts into feasible projects. You will be carefully talked through each step of the design process, including concept planning, development and recommendations.

At DISTINCTION INTERIORS, we understand the importance of individual preferences and cost limitations, which is why we offer a personalised experience that suits your budget and requirements.